Felix without Oscar

Bay State Chiropractic has been utilizing the services of Felix without Oscar since its inception in 2012. The staff is thorough and diligent in their attention to detail, and the owner, Liz Holler, is readily available to discuss any aspect of our needs. She is always courteous and professional. The use of environmentally safe and all natural cleaning solvents is an added bonus! I am personally pleased with all aspects of the services rendered by Felix without Oscar and highly recommend them. I look forward to continued service with them for many more years. 

M Baron
I cannot give higher accolades to Liz Holler. Her attention to detail, as well as her work ethic, is second to none. Liz has been cleaning my home for the past couple of years, and I can honestly say that no one could do a better job. Liz is trustworthy, and an excellent communicator. Because of Liz, my life is a little easier and I have more time to spend on more enjoyable things.

Thanks Liz for doing an outstanding job!!

Joe Poisal
Caton Auto Clinic

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Liz and her cleaning service. She is very thorough and attends to details to make even the most particular person happy. And she is wonderful to work with: friendly, caring and truly professional. My house looks and smells wonderful after she has been there. I feel lucky to have her and I know any customer she works with will feel the same.

Vicki Fearey
I have been using the cleaning service of Felix w/out Oscar for nearly four years and absolutely cannot say enough about the job they do! They clean our office biweekly; and you can always tell when you walk in the office that next morning. The floors shine, the air smells super refreshing, everything is spotless, from the bathroom to all of our desk areas! It's like the first night you sleep on clean sheets, but lasts much longer! I cannot think of a time when we weren't completely satisfied with the work they performed. It's a pleasure doing business with such a nice family who genuinely take pride in their work! I look forward to the nice notes or flowers that they leave behind; these extra little touches are a true testament to the type of business they run!

Steph. Murtagh
State Farm Agent
Ellicott City
Liz does an incredibly thorough job. Great attention to detail and willing to take on additional duties when asked. Fees are reasonable and very fair. Very reliable and we completely trust her in our home. Appreciate all that she does and love her immensely!

Allen &  Stacey
I started using Liz to clean my small but old home about 8 months ago. I had a bad experience with another recommended cleaner - their "cleaning" got worse with each visit. I work hard for my pay check and a cleaning service is a luxury for me. So after several failed attempts to clean myself (who likes to clean on their day off?!), my neighbor recommended Liz with glowing reviews. I gave it a shot and am so happy I did! She is courteous and thorough - nothing is overlooked when she cleans and if she is unsure about anything, she will ask before doing it. She makes sure that you are completely satisfied with her work and will give your house another once-over before she leaves. She is open to requests and offers good advice as well. She is trustworthy and honest. I would highly recommend Felix without Oscar to make your home beautiful!

Becky Price